Coincidence Novel

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The lamp tumbled to the floor.
I threw my arms out to try to catch it, but I was too late.
Glancing back at the mess on the floor, I noticed a strange doily was tucked inside the lip of the vase lid. I pulled it out gently. Ribbon, on a doily?
The left corner was burned, and the thin ribbon was sewed on one side. I held the bumpy fabric in my hands. How odd. Why would anyone stuff this in the lid of a vase?

Annaliese VanLuyk soon discovers there’s more than a hidden doily dating to World War II in this old Dutch house. It also contains a family mystery and she’s the only one who can solve it. Unfortunately this isn’t how her time in Netherlands is supposed to be spent. She’s here to be involved in the Plant Research Program at Wageningen University. With so much of her attention and energy being divided between her new friend, Nigel and solving this mystery, her stay in Holland could come to an end along with her career she’s always wanted.

Quote from my editor, Jen Hendricks, “I have to say I enjoyed this story. Your characters are interesting and unique and I love the way you were able to incorporate so much history into the mix without making it feel like I was reading a text book about WWII. Instead of boring us with fact after fact, the dangers were terrifyingly real, the light-hearted situations were funny and it all blended together very well.”

Coincidence is my debut World War II historical mystery found on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble