Broadening your view, or saving your back

My husband’s back started bothering him. He thought for sure it was our queen size bed. Yes, we’ve slept on a WAVE-LESS waterbed since we married. (And yes it’s been a novelty for all of my children’s friends, and I quote, “That’s awesome.”) We’ve replaced the foam mattress once.

Even though my husband was complaining I wasn’t willing to give up the softness and warmth it provided. I’m like the princess and the pea; I have to have a soft, comfy bedding or I don’t sleep. My husband added a pad on his side to help level out the middle of the bed. It worked for a while (almost a year) and then he finally started sleeping upstairs on the loft. I still wasn’t willing to budge much, I liked being able to snuggle into a warm bed that formed around me like my own personal cocoon. But then I was waking up with a kinked neck. However, I was stuck in my ways and wasn’t willing to admit it was probably my bed that was causing the problem.

Then one night my oldest daughter slept in my bed with me. We had our own slumber party while my husband slept on the loft on the too firm queen bed. We have two queen beds up there for company to sleep on. Next morning she said that her back hurt. It was then I said, “Okay, it’s time to get a new bed.” My husband said if we were going to update we would buy a King size.

We went shopping and it wasn’t until we bought the new mattresses that I realized how small a queen is. Yes, I had to approve of the new bed before we bought it. And I do have to say that it felt softer at the store than when we brought it home. But now I love it. In fact now I’m like, ‘why did we wait so long.’ (but I won’t say that too loud my husband might hear. lol He’s a good man to live with this finicky, opinionated wife)

Isn’t this a lot like life? We get stuck in our ways and don’t, or won’t look beyond our believes. Or habits. But once we do expand our horizons our life is usually richer and more fulfilling.

This can apply to writing too. Sometimes we box ourself in when we could have more feet and inches to our plot, our characters, and our scenes. Many times it’s through someone else’s eyes that helps see that the picture is much bigger than a queen size bed! And a whole lot more comfortable. (And you can turn on your heating pad for warmth on the days you need.)