Wishing for Magic

How many out there have wished for magical abilities or at least access to them? I remember when I was younger I put a lot of energy into wishing I had magic or my wishes granted. I dreamed up lots of wonderful, fun things like all children do. But the older I got the more I realized that my wishing for a new pair of designer shoes, or bigger bedroom was stupid. If I really got my wishes I wouldn’t want something little like shoes or better room, I would need to wish for something significant like all the money in the world. It was then I realized this wishing for magic was a waste of time. From then on I grew up, the urge for magic still came and went but I was older now and knew I shouldn’t waste my time wishing for things that didn’t exist. I then married and had children, the want for magic still made its way into my head occasionally but I said, “I’m too old for that nonsense.”

However through the years I have found myself wishing for magic again. Just like when I was a kid, I find myself wishing for simple things, like a maid, or someone to cook dinner, better yet–an unlimited supply of food to feed the family. It’s like my mind knows wishing for magic is ridiculous so it doesn’t think of the significant things to dream up, but it still tries to find a way for life to be easier.

What are some of the things you wish for?